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Bringing peak performance to compressed air systems

Our business is compressed air management. We install, maintain, repair and overhaul all brands and models of high pressure and low-pressure compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, and compressed air equipment regardless of size, age or location. All done with a level of detail, expertise and passion that is second to none. As independent compressor experts we help customers in a wide-ranging way, everything from system design, specification and installation, through to maintenance, service, repair, breakdown support and spare parts. Our remit comprises high, medium and low-pressure equipment, covering systems from 1kw to 377kw and 2 bar to 500 bar. With multi-site capability and cross-industry expertise we manage over 19,000 pieces of equipment for customers and make an average of 25,000 site visits a year. Our four UK locations give us unrivalled access to sites nationwide, so we can deliver service quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.

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About Us

With national coverage and multi-sector expertise, Motivair is the turnkey provider for all your compressed air needs.