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Economic recovery

Helium recovery increasingly makes commercial and financial sense for any scientific or research establishment looking to safeguard not only the continuity of its work but also its commitment to its sponsors.

The capital expenditure required for a helium recovery system is more than paid back by the savings from operational expenditure, where 85% to 90% of helium is recovered and recycled. Another motivation to consider helium recovery is that most specialist gas distributors guarantee an allocation of helium if there is a recovery system installed.

Motivair has been a pioneer in this field, working with a host of research institutions and universities to specify and install helium recovery systems for NMR and MEG applications.

We firmly believe that any institution or facility using greater than 2,000 – 3,000 liquid litres of helium per annum may benefit from helium recovery purely on a return-on-investment basis, dependant on the way the NMR equipment is installed and the degree of difficulty of the installation of the required recovery solution.

Helium recovery captures savings.

Investment proves a winner for University of Edinburgh


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Helium Recovery

Conserving helium through its recovery and reuse not only preserves a finite, valuable, natural resource, it also makes financial sense. At Motivair we are pioneering recovery systems for customers who value sustainability and a swift return on investment.