Helium Recovery

What is helium recovery?

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A resourceful solution

Helium cannot be synthesised, manufactured or substituted in many cases, so when it’s gone it’s gone. In short it is a valuable commodity that needs to be preserved. Helium recovery does just that. And more.

Helium recovery: 

  • helps reduce overall helium purchase costs; reduces operational expenditure
  • ensures security of supply; manufacturing continuity
  • offers a quick ROI; self-financing making capex an easier decision
  • promotes sustainable/environmental credentials; increasingly important in the supply chain


Helium recovery is a game changer and Motivair is at the forefront of this process thanks to its experience in the field.

Big is not necessarily beautiful.

Optimising the size of your compressors can boost reliability and reduce costs.


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Helium Recovery

Conserving helium through its recovery and reuse not only preserves a finite, valuable, natural resource, it also makes financial sense. At Motivair we are pioneering recovery systems for customers who value sustainability and a swift return on investment.